A Visit to the Paris Flea Market with the Antiques Diva & Co.

Since I had previously mentioned to  Kim that I was interested in getting a feel for the design and decor aspect of the Paris Flea Market for this publication, and on a personal note I was interested in looking for vintage fashion and jewelry – she knew exactly what shops to show me. I was already thoroughly impressed with Kim’s terrific historical knowledge of the Paris Flea Market, and her admirable antiques expertise, but it was her warm, and friendly relationships with shop merchants that made the tour experience extra special.

Upcycled vintage jewelry gives birth to devastatingly beautiful trinkets at Au Grenier de Lucie. I love the vintage scarf, sunglasses and jewelry on the mannequin head. It brings to mind a group of select women ( Sophia Loren, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis and Grace Kelly ) who will forever epitomize the glamorous life.

Kim introduced me to several merchants including the adorable father and daughter proprietors of Au Grenier de Lucie a vintage fashion and jewelry shop (which I absolutely loved). As they showed me around their shop, they shared interesting tidbits about their recent vintage fashion and jewelry finds, and Heidi, the daughter, excitedly shared the story of an up and coming jewelry designer ( her wares are shown above) that was creating new jewelry designs by upcycling vintage trinkets.