Paris au Printemps

However, my great find today was in Au Grenier de Lucie, a vintage jewelry and clothing store. It is operated by a pair of delightful Brits, Jason and Heidi.  Finding the store was fantastic because I was nervous about trying to haggle over prices in French and because I love listening to British accents. We struck up a conversation as I was drooling over a pair of vintage fleur-de-lys earrings. They moved to Paris from London two and a half years ago. The selection is quite fantastic, there is costume jewelry from Chanel and Dior, as well as vintage Yves Saint-Laurent shirts and dresses. Oh and tiaras. Oui, you read that right my friends, YOU CAN BUY A TIARA OR A CROWN IN THIS STORE.  The picture of the shop is up above, […] Read more »

Paris Flea Markets – Nini’s Style

One of my favorite things to do in Paris is go to the flea market. There is just no better place in Paris to shop for real vintage clothing and jewelry. There are so many markets that would take me weeks to go to all of them. They are only open on Saturdays and Sundays. If you’re lucky, some will be open for a half day on Monday. If you can take a cab there, do it. It will save you the headache of getting lost. Keep in mind that a lot of the antique shops and shops that carry vintage clothing and vintage jewelry are situated on the inside of the streets rather than facing the big roads. One of my favorite shops to search for vintage jewelry is […] Read more »

Elle Japan

In September 2010 our shop was showcased in the Janpanese edition of Elle magazine, along with a map of Marche Vernaison on which we are featured… Read more »

Cities Made For Collectors – Paris

If you’re here on the weekend, the vast Puces de St-Ouen (St-Ouen Flea Market), open Saturday to Monday, is an endless source of temptations. Located just north of the Porte de Clignancourt Metro station and the Peripherique ring road, it consists of literally thousands of stalls in some 15 individual markets strung along the rue des Rosiers. A little bargaining is part of the game, but this is not a souk and it’s rare to get more than 10 or 15 percent off. Inside the classy Marché Serpette, British-born Olwen Forest has an astonishing array of vintage and couture costume jewelry, including lots of Chanel and Schiaparellis from the 1930s and ’40s. She’s also recently picked up on the ’60s rock-chick look: Think chunky chains, Gothic crosses, and spiky dog […] Read more »

A Visit to the Paris Flea Market with the Antiques Diva & Co.

Since I had previously mentioned to  Kim that I was interested in getting a feel for the design and decor aspect of the Paris Flea Market for this publication, and on a personal note I was interested in looking for vintage fashion and jewelry – she knew exactly what shops to show me. I was already thoroughly impressed with Kim’s terrific historical knowledge of the Paris Flea Market, and her admirable antiques expertise, but it was her warm, and friendly relationships with shop merchants that made the tour experience extra special. Upcycled vintage jewelry gives birth to devastatingly beautiful trinkets at Au Grenier de Lucie. I love the vintage scarf, sunglasses and jewelry on the mannequin head. It brings to mind a group of select women ( Sophia Loren, Jacqueline Bouvier […] Read more »

The Future is Vintage

Heidi and Jason opened shop just over one year ago and despite the economic instability that has been a real party pooper for retail (I’m being very optimistic), they claim to have done surprisingly well. It seems that they really had the flair to pick the right product, time and place. With a base of international clients and with a product so niche they have already been listed by Figaro Paris, and by Figaro Japan among the top 36 best vintage shops in Paris, they have also been scouted by the visual department at Lanvin who borrowed a series of crowns for the windows of the Lanvin Paris flagship store (by the way the crowns are to die for), and for sure this is just the beginning. Au Grenier de […] Read more »

Bijoux fous, bijoux faux

On les dit “fantaisie”, mais certaines pièces des paruriers et couturiers français des années 1950 à 1980 sont parfois de véritables oeuvres d’art. Abordables qui plus est! Une bonne raison pour se mettre à les collectionner… They are called “fantasy,” but some parts of paruriers and French fashion of the years 1950-1980 are sometimes true works of art. What is more affordable! A good reason to take up collecting them… By L’Express Styles – France Read more… Read more »