Paris au Printemps

However, my great find today was in Au Grenier de Lucie, a vintage jewelry and clothing store. It is operated by a pair of delightful Brits, Jason and Heidi.  Finding the store was fantastic because I was nervous about trying to haggle over prices in French and because I love listening to British accents. We struck up a conversation as I was drooling over a pair of vintage fleur-de-lys earrings. They moved to Paris from London two and a half years ago.

The selection is quite fantastic, there is costume jewelry from Chanel and Dior, as well as vintage Yves Saint-Laurent shirts and dresses. Oh and tiaras. Oui, you read that right my friends, YOU CAN BUY A TIARA OR A CROWN IN THIS STORE.  The picture of the shop is up above, the tiaras are in the case next to the YSL shirt.  I couldn’t get a great picture of them sadly because I kept getting glare.  Perhaps when my family come and visit, we will return to the marche aux puces and they can buy me a vintage tiara.  However, I did not leave empty handed.  After a small price negotiation, I bought the earrings.  They were made in the 1930s, and reset with the pearls around the perimeter.  I think I will wear them tomorrow.  C’est jolie, non?