The Future is Vintage

Heidi and Jason opened shop just over one year ago and despite the economic instability that has been a real party pooper for retail (I’m being very optimistic), they claim to have done surprisingly well. It seems that they really had the flair to pick

the right product, time and place. With a base of international clients and with a product so niche they have already been listed by Figaro Paris, and by Figaro Japan among the top 36 best vintage shops in Paris, they have also been scouted by the
visual department at Lanvin who borrowed a series of crowns for the windows of the Lanvin Paris flagship store (by the way the crowns are to die for), and for sure this is just the beginning.

Au Grenier de Lucie carries vintage jewelry from Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel & Schiaparelli, among others, in addition to new items made from vintage gems by Delux and Bijoux Heart. The latter is an exclusive brand sold only by the Victoria and Albert museum in London and Au Grenier.